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Children aged 2 years to 11 years,
Funding available for 2, 3 and 4 year olds.

We offer 30 hours of Government funding for qualifying 3 year olds, 15 hours funding to all 3 year olds and 15 hours Government funding to eligible 2 year olds.

Available to 2 years -11 year olds, 7.30am-9.00am where appropriate activities and equipment are available. The children can also free flow into our garden.
7.30-8.00am Children arrive, free play
8.00am Wash hands, light breakfast
8.15am Free play
8.40am Shoes/coats/bags on and leave for school
8.45-09.00am Arrive at school or stay to attend nursery
Breakfast Club activities include;
Puzzles, board games, role play, computers, reading, pets corner, arts and crafts, projects, TV/computer games, homework.
Children have the freedom to move around and take part in activities of their choice
We liaise with the Reception Teacher at Grove Park School and plan activities to assist and enhance the subjects and projects they learn at school.
Children can attend breakfast club from 07.30 @ £4 or from 08.00 @ £3.
Available 21 months- 4 year olds, 9.00am-3.00pm term time.
Our Holiday Club, Breakfast and After school clubs also cater for nursery age children so that we are able to offer childcare to all children between 7.30 and 6.00 closing on Bank Holidays. We run a holiday club during school holidays for children up to the age of 12 years.
Children do not have to be clean to attend our nursery. We have nappy change facilities and will work in partnership with parents on toilet training.
Caterpillar room is loosely based on the childrens age and ability, generally children are younger in Caterpillar room however, we do have some 3 year olds in caterpillar room that we provide structured learning time.
As above, Butterfly room is for children over 3 years of age that are moving on to Primary school the following September.
Our nursery is arranged into 
2 main Play Rooms
Home Corner/Role Play/Quiet area in each room
Sensory areas
I.T Area
Creative Area
Construction areas
Carpet play
Reading Corner
We have a large outside play area. The garden has a large tarmac area with a race track. We have a concreted area where activities and tables and trays are put out for the children to play with. The large woodchip area has a construction 'yard' and 'buggingham Palace'. The children also have their own flower garden in which they plant and tend to their flowers. During the autumn and winter months our flower garden can  become a vegetable patch.
Bikes, trikes, bean bags, ribbons, parachute, climbing frame with safety mats, stepping stones, large foam bricks, playhouse, ride on cars, teddy bear picnics, sandpits, water tables, slides are also available.
 Children bring in a small box with a healthy snack inside these are given at ten am and two pm.
During inclement weather, free play continues with rainy day activities.  We encourage parents to send their children in with suitable clothing for wet play outside.
Nursery sessions are;
09.00-12.00 @ £12.00
12.00-15.00 @ £12.00
09.00-15.00 @ £24.00
The term after their 3rd birthday children are entitled to 15 or 30 hours per week of free entitlement funding which we claim on your behalf.
 Some children will be eligible for 15 hours per week entitlement the term after their 2nd birthday. Parents will need to meet certain criteria to access this funding- please contact Sarah or Andrea on 01795431323 for more details.
Available to 2 years -12 year olds, 3.20pm-6.00pm. As we take children of such varying age groups we can use both our rooms, nursery age children and children attending reception at Grove Park will go into Caterpillar room whilst children in year one and above go into Butterfly room where appropriate activities and equipment are available.
After School Club activities include
Outdoor play (free play, group and individual play, scooters, skates, go karts, swingball, ball games, water games, ramps, giant pick up sticks/jenga, space hoppers, and more) , group games, mixture of adult led and freeplay activities, dance, music, plays, homework table, playstation, gamecube, pc's and above mentioned activities at breakfast club.
Children have the freedom to move around and take part in activities of their choice
Again, we liaise with the Reception Teacher at Grove Park School and plan activities to assist and enhance the subjects and projects they learn at school.
3.20pm Collect children from school
3.30pm Freeplay or planned activities indoors and out
4.00pm Wash hands and eat snack 4.15pm Freeplay or planned activities indoors and out
4.30-6.00pm Activities continue as children begin to depart.
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