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Evolution @ Sittingbourne

Hi :)
All the children are settling in well.
We have lots of new faces this term, along with children returning from last year (and even some from September 2009 term)
A lot of our children who are starting Grove Park Primary School this year have also stayed on with us. We are now collecting these children from school at 12 each day to spend the afternoon with us..... they all look so sweet in uniform! We wish all of the children about to embark on primary education the very best. It is a little sad to see them go but we do have the opportunity to see these children at school when we drop off and collect the children that attend our before and after school clubs, also it is always lovely to see the children once they go onto the large playground as they often pop over for a little chat with us :)
The theme in the nursery this month is 'outside'. If your children would like to contribute anything to our room display this would be great!
We are also asking if you could all bring in anything you have that we can use for junk modelling, items such as bottles, yoghurt pots, boxes etc. The children all enjoy doing this activity and most are asking to do it on a daily basis.
Our guinea pigs Wallace and Gromit are preparing to move back indoors for the winter to reside with Nibbles indoors, the chickens will of course stay outside all year round. If you have any scraps of food all the animals would love it, the chickens really enjoy your cooked left overs too!

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