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Evolution @ Eastchurch
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Evolution @ Eastchurch


Ofsted have completed their inspection at Eastchurch. It went extremely well and we achieved a good grading. The report can be viewed at the setting at anytime or you can go onto the Ofsted website and view it there.
We are going from strength to strength there and numbers are increasing at a rapid rate. 
Well done to Paula and her team! 

Evolution @ Sittingbourne

Hi :)
We have set up Parentmail for our families. Please ensure that we have current email addresses for you all so we can pass on information.
LB has kindly donated a rabbit to the setting which will hopefully be joining us shortly.
We have book bags for sale at £3 each, we would encourage all children to have one as they now will haqve a contact book to to in them, children can also take home a story book to read with family. Pre school children will also have their letters and sounds placed in there to go home daily.

Evo @ Eastchurch

Hello :)
Evolution @ Eastchurch is well on it's way to opening on 31st October. Internal works are complete and the garden fence is going up.
We will be setting the equipment up at the end of this week.
We have a large log cabin being delivered for the holiday club on 28th October, ready to open for school aged children from the Xmas break.

All stations go!

@ Eastchurch things are moving ahead swiftly. Equipment is ordered, fencing will be going up shortly and the holiday log cabin will be in place very shortly ready for the Christmas holiday. We also have chickens on the way for the garden ready for our opening :)

Registration forms.

Thank you to the huge number of families that have contacted us regarding registering with us at Eastchurch :)
It has been brought to my attention that some computer systems are experiencing problems when trying to download the registration form. If you do have any problems with this let me know and I will email you a copy directly.
We are taking bookings already for both the nursery and the holiday club, please contact me if you would like to register an interest with us.
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