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September 2013
Grove Park Candle Party
Leavers Show and Presentation
Free places for two year olds


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Evolution @ Sittingbourne
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Evolution @ Sittingbourne

September 2013

We are all looking forward to seeing the children again after the summer break and to meeting all the new little faces.

Grove Park Candle Party

We are haveing a candle party in the Nursery at Grove Park. You will be able to purchase candles scent sticks and a variety of things. All profit will go to helping to tarmac the top end of our garden. The children enjoy playing in the garden and seeing the animals however in the rain the top part of the garden is very muddy and we have to close it off for the childrens safety. We would also like to use the opportunity for you to view your childrens folders and have a chat with the staff from Evolution.

Leavers Show and Presentation

We Will be having our leavers show and presentation on the 2nd of July 2012. We will be holding it in Grove Park School Hall. It will be a show and then a presentation of certificates for the children leaving us for big school. More details will be posted in the next few days. We hope to see you all there.  This show will be for the children leaving in September. Nursery will be open as usual for the children staying with us. post here.

Free places for two year olds

Great news!
At Sittingbourne we are now able to offer 12 hours per week to two year old children. Families must meet certain criteria to be granted the funding. Please contact us for details.
Well done to Paul and Lee who have been accepted onto their level 3 nvq.

The Christmas Show

The christmas show was a huge success with all children and staff having a great time. We hope parents enjoyed it as much as we did. We are very proud of all the children whose ages rang from 18 months - 4 years old and they all worked very hard to lean dances, and songs. Most impressive was the childrens excellent behaviour. Well done to all of them.
We would also like to thank Santa for coming to watch the show and deliver some gifts to the children and take their ideas for what they would like for christmas.


Book bags are £3 at Evolution. Great for artwork and carrying letters and sounds in.

Evolution @ Sittingbourne

Hi :)
We have set up Parentmail for our families. Please ensure that we have current email addresses for you all so we can pass on information.
LB has kindly donated a rabbit to the setting which will hopefully be joining us shortly.
We have book bags for sale at £3 each, we would encourage all children to have one as they now will haqve a contact book to to in them, children can also take home a story book to read with family. Pre school children will also have their letters and sounds placed in there to go home daily.

Evolution @ Sittingbourne

Hi :)
All the children are settling in well.
We have lots of new faces this term, along with children returning from last year (and even some from September 2009 term)
A lot of our children who are starting Grove Park Primary School this year have also stayed on with us. We are now collecting these children from school at 12 each day to spend the afternoon with us..... they all look so sweet in uniform! We wish all of the children about to embark on primary education the very best. It is a little sad to see them go but we do have the opportunity to see these children at school when we drop off and collect the children that attend our before and after school clubs, also it is always lovely to see the children once they go onto the large playground as they often pop over for a little chat with us :)

Back to School

Back to school for us at Sittingbourne :)
I hope you have all enjoyed the summer break and are looking forward to the new term ahead.
It was very sad to say goodbye to our leavers in July but it is also very exciting to be meeting so many new faces.
Breakfast and after school clubs are running as normal from Monday 5th September along with the nursery.
If our pre school children (those going to school in September 2012) could bring in a box for their letters and sounds work which is completed daily with us, it would be a great help.
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